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Dear Valuable Core4VoIP Billing Client.

We are the mother company of Core4VoIP billing. Please do not use crack Core4VoIP billing from another provider. If you have any query please contact us directly @ 8801730071022 ( Whats App or IMO) or

We are providing Linux based licensed VOIP solutions for both retail and wholesale platforms :
- Core4Switch Special Offer 100cc Retail Switch Only 350$
- Core4Switch Special Offer 300cc Wholesale Switch Monthly rent only 125$
- Core4VoIP L4 Billing Only 200$
- Linksys Device Tunnel Free
- Calling Card Features
- TAX Cutting Option
- Easy migration System ( VPS,iTel, Gplex, Nexgswitch,)
- Dialer Wise Performance Reports
- Termination Wise Performance Reports
- Core4switch Advanced Call Monitoring
- Reliable and Secure Billing Software
- Regular Rental Package Available Retail and Wholesale ( 50cc, 100cc, 200cc, 300cc, 400cc, 500cc, 1000cc and more package)
Direct contact: 8801730071022 , 8801730071024
Whatsapp and IMO: 8801730071022, 8801730071024
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